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Our technologies

Over 45 years of history

He is constantly at the forefront. With our unique technical solutions, we create values ​​with advanced technologies.

FUX PREMIERE develops products that meet the highest demands on fishing reels with original technology and innovative ideas, meeting the highest standards of hobby fishing.











Light and strong


Fux Premiere is proud to inherit the initially developed metalworking technology that has been transformed into cutting-edge technology. Exceptional technology designed to achieve strength and lighter weight while maximizing performance. Even in the worst conditions, it is a reliable, durable technology.














Forging is a metalworking technique used to produce complex shaped, high stiffness and high strength components. Fux Premiere has been one of the leading manufacturers of cold forging technology in the UK since 1992 and has been in production. The development of this technique has enabled Fux Premiere to produce precision parts in large quantities, mainly for fishing tackle.


Forging of metal forms is done by compression force, aligning the original material to its final form or very close to its final shape.

Forging techniques provide high rigidity while reducing overall weight. This technology enables the production of lightweight but solid precision parts.









Precision Cold Forging


Precision Cold Forging
This technology, which does not involve slicing, forges micron precision, high precision gears in a single process.
At the same time, with the precision and power required, this technology makes fishing reels extremely durable and easy to handle.















They are made of various materials such as aluminum, carbon, titanium or resin. Thanks to the adhesive technology, the parts are achieved with a higher hollow ratio and thinner wall structure than with forging.

Bonding various materials or curved surfaces requires very precise application of the adhesive.

Adhesive technology increases product design flexibility and enables easy 3D design.














High precision machining technology supports the production of complex products.

High-precision mounting surfaces are essential to ensure smooth operation. The tubing should be more precise as the coating speed is high.













Heat Treatment


For fishing equipment commonly used in difficult conditions, the strength and wear resistance of the surface layer contributes significantly to long-term performance.

Adding this quality to the products is a process called heat treatment.

Heat treatment changes the nature of the material by heating or cooling, and also ensures the material's hardness and elasticity, creating flexible, crack-resistant products.











Integration with digital technology


Integration of Fux Premiere's advanced metalworking technology with digital technology.

Digital technology helps Fux Premiere products work more accurately at higher speeds.

Integration with digital technology extends the latent performance of Fux Premiere products.